Profit Miners

Business Consulting to reduce costs and realize hidden profits

Profit Miners is a unique group of seasoned professionals who can help you improve productivity, streamline operations, and reduce costs to make your company more competitive and profitable. They can help you become more resilient to changes in the competition, marketplace, or economy—ensuring that your company will remain viable and profitable over the long term.

A broad and diverse pool of expertise allows Profit Miners to provide a level of performance typically unavailable from most other consulting organizations. With an average 25+ years of experience in manufacturing, they have proven records of success in a variety of industries. This unique capability allows them to complete engagements in less time, reducing the overall cost and allowing clients to quickly realize the resultant benefits

Profit Miner’s focus on continuous improvement, standard work, and sustainability positions implemented initiatives to continue producing benefits over time. Clients typically realize improvements in productivity, quality, on-time delivery, and cash flow ranging from 15% to 40% or more.

Areas where they can be of assistance to you include

  • Process & Operations Improvement
  • Cost Reductions
  • Programs, Grants & Project Funding
  • Set-up Reduction
  • Preventative Maintenance & TPM
  • Quality Systems
  • Facility Expansions
  • Energy Management
  • Scrap & Rework Reduction
  • TWI Training
  • Waste Stream Management

Examples of captured improvements from past engagements:

Improvements in:

  • On-time delivery of up to 70%
  • Productivity of up to 80%
  • Floor space utilization of up to 50%
  • Responsiveness and flexibility of up to 75%
  • Profitability of up to 55%

Reductions in:

  • Throughput / lead time of up to 75%
  • Set-up / changeover time of up to 80%
  • Inventory investment of up to 40%
  • Non-value added activities of up to 60%
  • Quality cost of up to 90%

Our programs

Profit Miners created CT Energy Programs to implement a continuous improvement approach towards reducing energy & waste stream related costs. These programs, funded through Energize Connecticut, are specifically designed to help Connecticut manufacturers increase efficiencies, productivity, and profitability in three areas:

Business sustainability challenge

A strategic look at energy, workforce, operations, and waste streams,focused on reducing risks and leveraging opportunities to shield against market and economic changes.

The PRIME program

Provides tools and resources to streamline processes, eliminate or reduce waste, improve efficiency, and reduce your energy consumption.

The Energy Usage Assessment (EUA)

Identifies exactly where, how, and why energy is used, and implements identified energy conservation measures.



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