Strengthening U.S. manufacturing through powerfully effective connections

MARN provides cohesive, trusted representation between principal manufacturers, designers, engineers and purchasing professionals. Our research-driven sales approach, paired with our commitment to exemplary communication, has established MARN as a leader in the manufacturer's representative and related-service support marketplace.

  • Supplemental sales support for OEM manufacturers

    If you manufacture parts for industry, MARN offers a cost-effective, lower-risk option for expanding your sales force and service territory throughout New England. Whether you’re a large or small manufacturer of parts or sub assembled components, MARN’s strategic sales approach, established client relationships, and ever-growing client network can increase and streamline your sales process. Through our sales facilitation, your company can experience increased order volume, shorter sales cycle, more reliable, predictable payment schedules, and steadier, more predictable profit margins.

    The benefits MARN brings to partner suppliers include:

    • Expanded brand exposure
    • Expanded sales territory throughout New England
    • Consistent, professional representation of your company
    • Increased, more-qualified leads
    • Industry-targeted sales strategies
    • Reduced advertising and marketing expense
    • Professional support services through preferred suppliers
  • Reliable supply options for assembled product manufacturers

    Are you a end-product or component manufacturer that relies on the securing of outsourced parts? MARN can save you time, reduce costs, and eliminate headaches. Our suite of vetted and established OEM Partners brings you immediate access to specialized part makers that meet our strict affiliation requirements.

    Exclusively representing these respected manufacturers, we are able to secure you competitive pricing, efficient production scheduling, and reliable delivery times.

    The benefits MARN Service Line Partners bring to assembled product manufacturers include:

    • Save time and resources used searching and reviewing suppliers
    • Faster RFQ to quote times
    • Reliable inventory delivery and management
    • Consistent quality throughoput program life
    • Professional support services through preferred suppliers
  • Reshoring Initiatives with total cost advantages

    Looking to bring part or all of your manufacturing service needs back to the U.S.? MARN can assist in securing resources to positively make that transition. Working with us, you’ll save the time and risk associated with trying to maintain manufactured part quality when switching supply vendors. Declining offshore quality, costly, unreliable delivery, and an ever-shrinking wage gap make Reshoring a strategic plan for controlled and sustained growth.

    The benefits associated with MARN securing a Reshoring Initiative for you include:

    • Reduce order to delivery time
    • Improved part quality through vetted U.S. suppliers
    • More stable cost forecasting
    • Highly skilled workforce
    • Reduced freight costs
    • Lower inventory demands
    • Improved communications and service responsiveness
    • Reduced compliance risks
    • Reduced intellectual property risk
    • improved innovation
    • Local tax incentives
    • Stronger, more respected political positioning
    • Strengthens U.S. economy and U.S. manufacturing industry as a whole
  • Professional support services

    Connecting clients and partners with support services that specialize in manufacturing is another time-saving benefit MARN provides. Working as your strategic partner, we can connect you with service providers we’ve partnered with because of their abilities to deliver proven-effective advantages.

    The business-strengthening support and advantages our professional service partners provide include:

    • Branding and rebranding
    • Sales tools development
    • Marketing and sales support
    • Websites and digital media strategies
    • Insurance strategies
    • Temporary and and permanent staffing assistance and program options
    • High quality with competitive pricing
    • Financial loans and financial grants



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MARN (Manufacturers Resource Alliance Network) is a woman-owned company focused on helping manufacturing companies in the U.S. succeed through improved sales strategies, supplemental sales support, and the facilitation of value-added resource networking.

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